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In terms of colour, the entire family of lamps relies on monochrome consistency: red in red or yellow in yellow, the ALL ROUND floor and table lamps appear to be cast from a single mould. Touching them allows you to experience tactile contrasts between warm and cool, soft and hard. The lampshade is covered with woolen fabric, while the cable is lagged in textile. The base comprises a powder-coated steel tube and hides a stabilising weight, eliminating the need for a pedestal. The shade is clad in matt gold foil on the inside, helping ALL ROUND to create a soft and cosy atmosphere. With its sculptural shape, ALL ROUND brings personality into any room, whether standing solo or by the sofa, or as a smaller version on a desk, windowsill or sideboard. Designed and manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.

  • height 45cm | lampshade height 18,5cm | diameter Ø 27cm

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