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Florian Vogel and Carolin Kreidel are the duo behind VICTOR FOXTROT. The brand’s continuously growing collection consists of tables, chairs, lamps and accessories that combine a straight language of form with courage for colours. The label was founded in 2015 by Florian Vogel, who previously worked as a designer at Ingo Maurer for several years, where he got to appreciate light as a silent element of the interior but also metal as a material. Carolin Kreidel, a strategist in the luxury fashion industry for 15 years, joined him in 2019. Since then, Florian and Carolin have headed VICTOR FOXTROT together. Their cooperation benefits from not only their personal expertise but also from a broad creative intersection. While Florian is in charge of design, product development and craftsmanship, Carolin develops collections and stories. Both share a passion for colour, clear lines and timeless shapes – and sharpen VICTOR FOXTROT’s distinctive profile based on all these parameters.



Elaborate solutions and precise, manual production are VICTOR FOXTROT’s core convictions. In addition to the atelier, the studio runs its own metal workshop, which reduces the pathway from idea to prototype to final product to just a few steps. The collection speaks through colour and silhouette, through materials, precision and light. In other words: it’s a love of detail turned into an object. Every screw, every joint, every angle and every material contributes to the appeal of the finished object.


Each piece in the collection showcases the handwriting and expertise of the respective trades involved. All metal elements are manufactured on-site at VICTOR FOXTROT in Hamburg. Lampshades, upholstery or wooden parts go through the skilful hands of people who have been as carefully selected as the raw materials themselves. VICTOR FOXTROT likes to stay local. Cooperation with local partners allows for production at short notice and quick reactions. Some pieces are deliberately designed to be scalable in size or customisable in colour.

Material & colour
Colour is a guiding principle of the collection. The objects that leave VICTOR FOXTROT’s workshop do not subordinate themselves to space and context. Instead, they become protagonists; characters with recognition value, seemingly made of one piece and forming a family within the collection. The resulting portfolio offers a consistency that can only be achieved by everything coming from a single source. This holistic perspective is also reflected in the philosophy: VICTOR FOXTROT accompanies each of its products during their creation and considers their environmental impact in all phases of the product’s lifecycle. Green strategies aside, good form is always part of the mission – because the most sustainable objects are always the ones we don’t want to live without anymore.

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