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This pendant lamp takes inspiration from Honesty, an old-fashioned cottage garden plant (also known as Silver Dollar or Money Plant) whose branches are often dried and put in vases due to their delicate, opaque leaves and their ethereal, almost fairy-like appearance. LEAF IT adopts the plant’s branched structure and uses the upward-pointing leaves as reflectors that indirectly illuminate the room. Under each oval leaf, a smaller one shields the LEDs. As an organic light sculpture, LEAF IT invites interaction: Each reflector can be rotated to adapt the silhouette and light focus according to the mood. Due to its height of 120 centimetres and its diameter of 100 centimetres, a ceiling height of at least 3.20 metres is recommended. Each luminaire is made to order, so custom designs can also be realised. Designed and manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.

  • height 120cm | diameter

    Ø 100cm

colour: Weiß
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