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MY AMI sideboard

MY AMI sideboard

With a height of 80 centimeters, depth of 45 centimeters, and a length of 185 centimeters, MY AMI offers a spacious display area. The design of the sideboard plays with a slim and light silhouette, utilizing powder-coated steel as the material. The top and base form a distinct T-profile when viewed from the side, while the frontal view combines the soft shapes of ovals, circles, and rounded squares. However, what truly characterizes MY AMI are its clear colors. Several variants in harmonious triads are available. The color assumes a key design function: both the top and base consist of three layers, with the base revealing gradually smaller circular cutouts towards the back. The plates stack seamlessly on top of each other and appear to float, thanks to the hidden profile struts. This interplay of layers creates visual depth and makes the furniture appear different from every angle. Designed and manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.

  • width 185cm | depth 45cm | height 80cm

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