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ZIG ZAG creates a special lighting atmosphere that fits well above the dining table and bar. Its sculptured body is reminiscent of unfolded paper with sharp creases, creating a geometric play of shadows on its surface. ZIG ZAG’s second quality is the light itself. The ingenious way it was constructed ensures that the surface underneath will be evenly illuminated with warm white light. The two cheeks of the corpus, on the other hand, create a clear boundary for the light, preventing people who sit at the table from being dazzled and pleasantly placing their faces in a half-shadow. Upwards to the ceiling, ZIG ZAG indirectly diffuses light that looks like warm candlelight. It’s a precisely dosed lighting climate that creates a good atmosphere in all kinds of places. Be it a dining room, restaurant or bar, a conference room, a hotel lobby or above a sideboard. Designed and manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.

  • length185cm | width 25cm | height 45cm

    length 280cm | width 40cm | height 55cm

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